Learn With KidZania?

Learn With KidZania

Teacher Resources

To make the most of your visit, and to maximise the impact it makes, we have developed a set of easy-to-use and flexible teaching materials to develop your pupils’ knowledge, skills and understanding before and after your visit. Although primarily aimed at pupils aged 7 to 12, there are opportunities to adapt ideas to suit both younger and older key stages. Suggestions for these have been provided in the downloadable packs in the ‘differentiation’ box.

You will find everything you need including teacher notes to support discussion, stimulus materials to develop thinking and writing frames to capture written work. For a teacher-friendly approach, we have developed a simple, straightforward guide on how to use them in two key areas:

  1. ‘Before your Visit’ resources to prepare your pupils prior to their visit;

  2. ‘After your Visit’ resources to continue your learning after your visit.


Our free “Before Your Visit” resource has all the information you need to prepare for your visit. It includes:

  • How you can get free planning tickets to visit KidZania to plan and see the city for yourself.
  • Risk assessments
  • How to get to KidZania
  • Lunch facilities
  • 4 lesson activities, compete with printable worksheets and printable activity cards:
  1. Self-awareness exercises to understand their likes and dislikes;
  2. Description and understanding of who they are;
  3. Translating the above into a career choice;
  4. Orientation and understanding of KidZania
  • An information guide to give to your pupils on arrival.
  • Maps of KidZania

Download the ‘Before Your Visit’ guide here.


We developed activities for when you get back to the classroom to reflect and expand on your pupil’s experiences and dig deeper into careers and professions. This free resource pack includes:

  • 4 lesson activities and worksheets, concentrated on:
  • Reflection of their experience at KidZania;
  • Compare and contrast different jobs and roles;
  • Discussion on the different jobs and roles that are available;
  • Create a pitch to advertise for their favoured job;
  • Helpful tips for them to complete their activity;
  • PowerPoint slides for their presentation.

Download the ‘After Your Visit’ guide here.

In addition to these resources, we have teamed up with Plotr to create a platform that enables pupils to discover and explore the careers they'll love. They will uncover careers matched to their skills, interests and personality and can explore companies, in depth career profiles, videos and articles. With the help of expert info, insider hints and tips, children can find out what inspires them and get a view of what the world of work is really like. Find out more about Plotr here.


Let your pupils celebrate their experience at KidZania London by awarding them with a 'Certificate of Participation' once they return to school. Simply fill in the pupil’s name on the printable certificate, which can be downloaded here.

  • Read our Top Ten Tips for a school visit, by our Director of Education, here.