Mission Deli Wrap Factory

Make your own super soft wrap!


Wrap Factory Worker

Activity Description:

Visit the Mission Deli Wrap Factory to learn how we make our delicious super soft wraps. From mixing the ingredients and kneading the dough to pressing the wraps, you’ll get a chance to create your very own pack of wraps to take home and share with the family!

Activity Duration:

15 Minutes

Did You Know?

  • The first wraps were discovered in the Aztec times as far back as 10,000BC.
  • Wraps have been eaten in many NASA space missions since the 1980’s because they are quick and easy to prepare and produce no crumbs which end up floating in space and can clog up the equipment such as the air vents.
  • Mission Foods is a Mexican company and are the largest manufacturer of wraps around the world and are available in over 130 countries!
  • Mission Foods UK produce over 720 million wraps a year! If you put this many standard sized tortillas side by side, they could go round the world almost 5 times!

Food Allergy Notice:

Products contain: Wheat & Gluten

Values Learnt:

Responsibility: From hygiene to safety measures whilst handling factory machinery.

Respect: for your fellow colleagues and Wrap Factory Manager.

Tolerance: working through a number of routine procedures.

Skills Gained:

Motor Skills: from utilising the tools to measure, weigh and press the wraps.

Communication Skills: working with your team and Zupervisor.

Collaboration: working with your team to contribute wraps for each pack.


Kids will pay in kidZos to complete this activity.