The Vault

Keep those kidZos safe!


  • Vault Guard Apprentice 

Activity Description:

You’ll be responsible for some important jobs when you take on the role of the Bank of England Vault Guard.  Learn how to spot a counterfeit kidZo and the importance of cash flow to keep KidZania’s businesses trading. You’ll head out into the city to ensure the safe delivery and collection of all the kidZos!  

Activity Duration:

15 Minutes



Values Learnt:

  • Responsibility - children must be very careful collecting kidZos and understand the accountability of handling money
  • Honesty - children are responsible of handling kidZos and must be transparent at this job

Skills Gained:

  • Communication - children learn to communicate and listen by interacting with other establishments and as a team work
  • Critical Thinking - to count kidZos or thinking about the process they have to do


Kids will earn kidZos from completing this activity.