Food and Refreshments

Food and Refreshments

Dine as a family or grab a snack on the go..

Take a look at some of our tasty food & beverage options where we serve you up some delicious snacks and meals to enjoy as a family. Please note, all food and refreshment locations listed below are charged in pound sterlings, kidZos cannot be used. 

Coffee Shop 

If you need a quick revival whilst your children enjoy another activity this is the perfect break spot. Frothy cappuccinos, long lattes and tasty treats including sandwiches and salads will boost your energy before you head off to enjoy all the city has to offer. Take a look at our special lunch offers available from our Coffee Shop. 

Gourmet Burger Kitchen



Gourmet Burger Kitchen can be an activity for your children to make their own mini GBK burgers or if you would prefer to sit down and eat as a family and let the professionals make the awesome tasting burgers then you can do that too! Choose from one of their classics or something more adventurous layering the freshest ingredients with their unique homemade sauces. 

Before you visit why not have a look at the GBK menu. You can also take advantage of GBK's fantastic meal offers. Find out more

The Diner

With a wide selection of tasty meals grab your breakfast, lunch or an early dinner and take a seat at our Diner. Spend some time to recharge before heading out to the city to enjoy even more activities. Recharge with  a diner meal deal during your visit. Find out more

Crepe Affaire Mini

At the Crepe Affaire Cart you can enjoy deliciously mini crepe bites served with a sweet sauce and topped off with a little bit of what you fancy. A fun and relaxed food-cart where your crepe is freshly prepared right before your eyes. The carts also stock a range of beverages and other snacks to enjoy.

The Hut

Our 'Grab & Go' food station has a wide variety of food for breakfast, lunch and dinner from pastries to wraps to our special salad boxes. There's plenty of space to relax upstairs and take a break before emersing yourself back into the city life.

Ice Cream Shop

The Parents Lounge

Feeling thirsty after stopping by our Ice Cream Factory? Why not pick up something from our Ice Cream Shop located by the Theatre in the Town Square?