Picture Air Photo Service

Capturing your KidZania role-play experience!

A Picture-Perfect Solution

Recording your role-play moments with this complimentary photo service at KidZania London.

PictureAir Service allows you to view your photos at our on-site PictureAir Booth (located by the exit just before you reach the Immigration Office).

You may wish to purchase unique gifts that showcase your favourite memories and share them with your friends and family.


How It Works

A RFID wristband is issued at the Airport Check-In counter. Your photos will be tagged into your wristband when our photographers take your photos!

You simply proceed to our PictureAir Photo Booth to view your photos by scanning your wristband!


Finding Photographers

Our Photographers will be moving around the various establishments. Feel free to approach any of them if you require any assistance.


Take KidZania Home With You!

Before you leave KidZania, visit our PictureAir Photo Booth to view and purchase your photos.

You will be able to make your photo into unique Establishment ID cards, have them printed in 6x8 photos fitted in a KidZania paper frame and many other exciting products.

All the purchased products includes free digital photos* that can be downloaded from www.pictureair.com/kidzania

*Online registration required