Music Academy

Let The Drums Speak!


  • Drummer

Activity Description:

The Music Academy offers kids a unique opportunity to learn about rhythms and how to play the drums. They will collaborate and practise together as a team and then play together to an audience. 

Activity Duration:

20 Minutes

Values Learnt:

Confidence – they find that can be develop a skill by themselves that they can get better and better.

Patience – we live in a world of instant gratification, but real life demands having patience. When you are playing in a band or orchestra you have to be willing to wait your turn to play otherwise the sound is a mess.

Skills Gained:

Social - drumming often occurs as a collaborative, interactive process. If facilitated correctly, participating in drumming experiences can help a child work on skills such as turn-taking and sharing, as well as help them feel they are part of a group contributing towards a group process.

Communication - playing a drum or percussion instrument can be a useful way to communicate nonverbally and to “listen” to another person’s nonverbal communication.

Fine and Gross Motor - this may almost seem self-evident, but different playing techniques can be used to help work on different fine and gross motor skills. This can even be true for developing lower extremity strength (e.g. imagine standing and playing a large conga drum).

Emotional -as with the girl Kat Fulton worked with, participating in a drumming activity can help a child feel safe enough to express his/her feelings. Additionally--and speaking from experience--there’s nothing much better for releasing anger than banging on a drum.


Kids will pay in kidZos to complete this activity.