Hospital and A&E

It is All Hands On Deck at The Hospital


  • Surgery Team 
  • Paramedic Team
  • Maternity Nurse

Activity Description:

Help keep KidZanians healthy and safe at the city Hospital. Whether you’re a surgeon performing a life-saving operation or a nurse tending to the newborns there’s always plenty of action!  Listen out for the sirens as the paramedic team rush patients to Alder Hey’s A&E; you’ll be an important part of the KidZanian community. 

Activity Duration:

15-20 Minutes

Did You Know?

Alder Hey were the first to:

  • test penicillin, saving a child from pneumonia in 1944.
  • set up a dedicated surgical unit for new born babies in the UK.
  • cure the UK’s most commonly encountered congenital heart defect.

Skin Allergy Notice:

Dummy utensils used in this establishment, contain rubber and latex.

Values Learnt:

  • Respect - for the medical teams as they perform their duties
  • Responsibility - taking care with providing the right treatment and healthcare.

Skills Gained:

  • Collaboration - surgeons will need to work together as a team to operate on patients and paramedics will need to rely on each other to assist in emergencies.
  • Communication - patients will need to clearly communicate their symptoms and paramedics will inform patients of the treatment they will receive.
  • Critical Thinking - through assessing individual cases to find the best option to treat a patient, assist in an emergency or care for a newborn.
  • Self-Knowledge - by applying knowledge and procedures to deliver the best care for patients.


Kids will earn kidZos from completing this activity.