Guide to KidZania London

Guide to KidZania London

Visiting KidZania London?

Check out our Top tips!


Your arrival:

  • You will all be given a security bracelet on arrival. This bracelet ensures your child’s safety as they can only be checked out of the City with you present. The bracelet also records any allergies your child has. It is very important that you notify our team if your child has an allergy. More info can be found on our security at KidZania London page
  • Your child will be given 50 kidZos to spend in the City. By earning and spending money through various activities, they will be able to open their own bank account! More info can be found at economy and KidZos
  • Don’t forget to take a map of the City to find your way around!


  • If you’d like to take part in the climbing wall, please wear sensible footwear. No flips-flops, sandals or loose fitted shoes are to be worn on the climbing wall.



  • Don't need the buggy or bags? There are lockers inside the City that can store these for you for a fee.



  • Be part of the KidZania CitiZenship Programme by purchasing a paZZport and enjoying many rewards including extra kidZos and discounts around the City!




You’ve landed safely in the City, now what?

  • Read up on the a list of all the activities in KidZania. There are over 60 activities to take part in so make sure your child has a think about what they’d like to do to make the most of their time here
  • If your child is still unsure of the jobs they want to do at KidZania when they arrive, they can visit the Job Centre and get some helpful career advice!
  • For each role kids will either be paid a salary or will have to pay with their kidZos to take part

  • Some activities have scheduled start times – such as the Acting Academy and Theatre – so check the times these will be on if your child wishes to take part
  • The duration of each activity is noted on the information card outside. Kids cannot join activities mid-way and will need to wait for the next session to begin



  • Sorry parents, in KidZania the kids are in charge! The activities are for child participation only but you can watch from the outside as all establishments have viewing windows. However, you can also take part in some activities as an audience member. For more information check out our "What Is There For Parents To Do?" section



  • If you get hungry, there are plenty of places to choose from such as The Hut, GBK, Crepe Affaire and the Diner - click here for our Food and Beverages page

  • Don’t forget to go to the department store before you leave to spend some of those hard earned KidZos!


Have an under 4-year old along for the trip? Make sure you visit our Early Years establishments.

These include the RightZKeepers’ Residence, the Kindergarten and the Science Lab, all offering unique interactive play opportunities for those under 4 years. Click here for more information on our Early Years area.



  • If your child has additional needs or allergies please notify our check-in team and they will issue you with awareness wristbands. This will help our Zupervisors understand that extra assistance may be required. Check out our Accessibility page for more helpful information.
  • There are 2 lifts located in the City for those that may require assistance to get to the Mezzanine level. Please ask a Zupervisor for assistance.
  • Keep hydrated! There are water bubblers located at the entrance to most bathrooms.