Fashion Studio

Dress Your Personality!


  • Fashion Stylist
  • Model 

Activity Description:

In the H&M Fashion Studio you will learn about how you can express yourself through style. Play at being a fashion stylist working with all the latest trends, or be a model and show your personality in front of the camera or on the catwalk.

Activity Duration:

20 Minutes

Did You Know?

  • H&M’s first store opened in Sweden in 1947
  • H&M has a big team of designers, print designers and pattern makers who create the collections
  • H&M carries out 500,000 quality control tests a year, using its own and external laboratories to make sure they have the best quality of clothing

Skills Gained:

  • Creativity – as children will have to choose and style their outfits and pose for the camera or on the catwalk
  • Self-Knowledge – children will learn how they respond under the spotlight


Kids will earn kidZos from completing activity.