Estate Agency


  • Estate Agent

Activity Description:

Learn how to help customers who want to sell their homes in the City of KidZania.

Junior Estate agents in training wear a Hamptons International uniform and work in teams of two to go out into the City to gather the information needed to sell a house.

During the activity Junior Estate Agents use the Hamptons International KidZania App to locate the property, complete a floor plan by taking measurements, create a property description and choose the best photos to help sell the home. The completed property details go live on the Hamptons KidZania website.

Plus as a qualified Junior Estate Agent you get a set of Hamptons International KidZania business cards to take home, and a unique code so you can view the property listing you created, at any time.

Activity duration: 25 minutes


Did You Know?

  • Hamptons International estate agents sell all kinds of homes from flats, to country cottages even castles, in the UK and all over the world…
  • We have an office dog called Gilbert, just like the dog in the KidZania branch
  • Hamptons have sold a house with a slide built inside and one where the loft had been converted into a spaceship.


Values Learnt:

  • Trust - Being honest and truthful means our customers trust us
  • Dedication - Working hard, paying attention and keeping things simple lead to success  
  • Excellence - For over 140 years Hamptons international has been helping our customers move home, and always try to find ways to make their experience even better.
  • Professionalism - Be professional, smart and respectful to one another. Always put our customers first
  • Innovation - Keep thinking of new ways to be different and make our customers even happier


Skills Gained:

  • Teamwork
  • Decision-making
  • Communication
  • Attention to detail



  Kids will earn kidZos from completing this activity.