Engineering Centre and Pit Lane Experience

Enter the world of motor racing and automotive engineering!


  • Automotive engineers
  • Pit lane crew

Activity Description:

Immerse yourself in this high-tech experience at the Renault Engineering Centre. Learn all about zero emissions, electric vehicles and their place in the future. You’ll assemble and take apart two cars, one electric and one fuel, to understand the inner workings and mechanics.

Plus, take part in the Pit Lane Challenge – race against time to see how fast you can change the tyres on the Formula E race car, every second counts! 

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Activity Duration:

20 Minutes

Did You Know?

  • Our scale model e.dams-Renault Formula E racing car required 200 hours of CAD engineering design and includes every last detail of the real racing car including the charging point, aerial and LED brake light. It was built by a team of 10 experts, over five months!
  • The wheel and tyre assembly was the most challenging component to make, taking 200 hours of research and development to achieve authentic but lightweight and safe units for them kids to handle.
  • Bespoke wheel hub assemblies, wheel wrenches and sound effects were created to complete the experience and make the team activity as lifelike as possible.

Values Learnt:

  • Respect - for each other as team mates.
  • Responsibility - for the procedure and each other.
  • Tolerance - by being able to repeat the procedure.
  • Solidarity - through working as a team.

Skills Gained:

  • Collaboration - by working together to fit the wheel in the fastest time possible.
  • Communication - with each other to create the successful sequence for the tyre change.
  • Critical Thinking - through analysing and developing good team work under pressure.
  • Motor Skills - through handling the tools and tyres.


Kids will earn kidZos from completing this activity.