Medical Courier Service

Wanted! Medical Couriers - Save a life today


  • Courier 

Activity Description:

You could save a life, both at KidZania and also afterwards in the real world when you visit the Medical Courier activity. 

The medical courier will be responsible for making a single delivery to the hospital. They learn about the job of a medical courier and the importance of this job. They will need to take extra care with their delivery and ensure that it is delivered on time.

Activity Duration:

15 Minutes

Did You Know?

  • People can donate blood, organs such as livers, lungs and kidneys, and stem cells to help other people who are sick
  • Team Margot is a charity that raises awareness about donating stem cells.
  • There is only a 50% chance of finding a blood stem cell donor for someone suffering with a life-threatening blood cancer.
  • People with more diverse ethnic backgrounds have an even harder time finding a suitable donor.
  • Medical Couriers play a vital role in organ donation and blood and stem cell transfusions, transporting these lifesaving packages from donor to patient.


Values Learnt:

  • Benevolence - for others in need & how a kind act of 'giving to help others', can save a life (giving blood, giving stem cells or bone marrow & giving organs)
  • Responsibility - for delivering a vital package & completing the job 
  • Pride - of teaching an adult (in real life) how they can help save a life, by visiting!

Skills Gained:

  • Collaboration - by working with fellow couriers in order to get packages delivered on time.
  • Communication - through listening to directions from the courier Zupervisor and ensuring receipt at place of delivery.
  • Motor Skills - from driving the courier trolley and handling packages carefully.


Kids will earn kidZos from completing this activity.