Climbing Building

Climb KidZania's Tallest Buildings!


  • Climber 

Activity Description:

Climb the KidZania buildings in order to activate the advert or lights at the top of the building.

Activity Duration:

10 Minutes

Did You Know?

  • 31 million people are active in Scouting across the world – that’s equal to the population of Peru
  • In the past one hundred years, over half a billion men and women have taken the Scout Promise
  • There are only five countries in the world that do not have Scouting – China, Cuba, Laos, North Korea, and Andorra

Health and Safety Restrictions:

   We want to make sure that everyone  has fun in a safe environment at KidZania London. These guidelines are for your comfort and safety:  

  • Dress Code - Please note that skirts and dresses can only be worn on the climbing wall if they are worn with shorts or leggings. Suitable footwear must be worn. Open toes, sandals, flip flops, high heels, heelies, or sheep skin boots are prohibited 
  • Equipment - A harness and helmet must be worn at all times
  • Height Restrictions - Minimum height allowed on the wall is 1M.




Values Learnt:

  • Tolerance - as child will be encourage to reach the top of the building as persevere through any challenges. 
  • Respect - of the equipment and the instructors, as personal safety of all is of upmost importance.

Skills Gained:

  • Critical Thinking - as children will have to make quick decisions and determine the most suitable path the climb. 
  • Motor Skills - as children will use their hands and feet to climb the building. 
  • Self-Knowledge - through managing their feelings and emotions while climbing. 


Kids will pay in kidZos to complete this activity.