City Tour Bus

All Aboard the Golden Tours Bus!


  • Tour Guide 
  • Tourist

Activity Description:

Aboard the Golden Tours Bus KidZania’s Tour Guides tell the KidZania story whilst travelling through the city.  As a tour guide you’ll need to master the KidZania city map and recall highlights of the buildings and monuments.  As a tourist, pick your route and buy your tickets for an informative tour of the city.  

Activity Duration:

5-10 Minutes

Did You Know?

  • London has nearly 1,000 bus routes
  • Golden Tours was founded in 1984
  • Trading started at the basement of a restaurant in High Street Kensington
  • Golden Tours has carried over 10 million passengers

Values Learnt:

  • Gratitude - how to enjoy working for the tour bus company and how rewarding a tour guide's job can be.
  • Respect - for the tour guide's job, the bus and other tourists.

Skills Gained:

  • Collaboration - children will learn how to collaborate and pay attention to the Zupervisor when he explains the main places of KidZania. Children will also learn from each other as fellow tour guides, working together to explain the city to the passengers
  • Communication -visitors will use their communication skills, speaking clearly, to explain their particular place of interest and insights of the most important information about the most popular spots
  • Self Knowledge - children will practice how to appear in front of an audience and learn how to overcome the stress that this causes. Children will also learn their own capability to speak in front of others and convery useful and valuable information


Kids will pay in kidZos to complete this activity.