You can now purchase a B-KidZanian PaZZport when you buy your tickets to KidZania London.

Simply add it as an extra before you finish your purchase. 

Click here to buy now.

Be part of the KidZania CitiZenship Programme and enjoy more rewards, more kidZos, and even more fun here at KidZania London!

As members of B-KidZanian kids will receive their very own official PaZZport and will receive a unique stamp in their PaZZport for participation in selective activities in our City – more stamps equals more exciting benefits!   B-KidZanian PaZZport holders also get a special hologram sticker for each KidZania visited around the world.

As kids acquire more skills and earn more stamps they will be able to advance through the three levels of          B-KidZanian: Naturalised CitiZen, Distinguished CitiZen and Honourable CitiZen.

At each level B-KidZanians receive more benefits to enjoy at KidZania London, including fast-track access to the City once you arrive at the Airport, discounts at KidZania Shops and the chance to earn more kidZos!

Pre-enrolment - As part of our commitment to keep data safe, we require parental consent for children to enrol in B-KidZanian. To save time, you can enrol online ahead of your visit to KidZania.

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