Aviation Academy

Fly the Skies!


  • Cabin Crew
  • Pilot

Activity Description:

The Aviation Academy provides you with a unique opportunity to understand first-hand the complicated sequence of tasks a pilot completes before, during and after each flight. Whilst onboard, Cabin Crew will learn what's involved in flight attendant service, from conducting a smooth meal service to demonstrating those famous safety instructions.

Activity Duration:

15 Minutes

Did You Know?

The A380 aircraft is one of British Airways newest members of its fleet. Here are a few things that might interest you...

  • The two passenger decks of the A380 have a total area of 5,920 ft2 (550 m2) - the same as three tennis courts (singles) or 1¼ basketball courts
  • During take-off the wing will flex upwards by over 13 ft (4m)
  • The 280,000 lb of take-off thrust across the wing is the horsepower equivalent of more than 1,500 family cars (at 110 hp per engine each)
  • Temperature in the engine reaches half the temperature of the surface of the Sun, whilst the pressure in the engine reaches 50 atmospheres
  • The A380 needs 2,300 litres of paint in five coats. That amount of paint weighs a whopping 650kg – the same as three gorillas!

Values Learnt:

  • Gratitude - to the passengers for having chosen this airline; to the flight attendants for their service; to the pilot and co-pilot for flying safely.
  • Responsibility - of teaching passengers the correct safety instructions and providing great service; for flying safely.
  • Respect - to the passengers who are in the care of the flight attendants and pilot and co-pilot.

Skills Gained:

  • Collaboration - a good flight experience is the result of working together with order and respect.
  • Communication - communicating instructions clearly and confidently, using voice and body language. 
  • Critical Thinking - understanding the requirements of piloting a plane and how to assist passengers helps to build confidence.
  • Self-Knowledge - knowing you have the skills and training needed to experience a real flight experience.


The Pilot Training Center teaches pilots to fly an aircraft through virtual technology that recreates real flight activity. Kids will pay in kidZos to complete this activity.

The Cabin Crew provides safety and hosting activities to passengers. Kids will earn kidZos from completing this activity.