Animation Studio


  • Stop Motion Animator

Activity Description:

The Pokémon Animation Studio will allow children to create their own animated Pokémon movies. Kids will have the chance to make their very own short film using stop-motion animation. They will use Pokémon toys from manufacturer Tomy and a number of other props to create their animation. 

Activity Duration:

20 Minutes




Skills Gained:

  • Collaboration: Visitors will work in teams and be allocated the task of Director or Animator in order to make their film.
  • Communication: Visitors will learn to create and tell a story through a combination of images, audio and music.
  • Creativity: Visitors will use their creative thinking to make an exciting story, they will also decide on the best possible shots to put into their film.
  • Motor Skills: Visitors will manipulate the characters within their set and move the camera and lighting before taking their shots.


Kids will earn 10 kidZos from completing this activity.


Kidzania's Animation Sudio