What Is KidZania?


KidZania is fully inclusive and we welcome all visitors. The city has been designed to ensure compliance with The Equality Act 2010. This means the city is fully accessible for any visitor who has a disability. Please view and download our SEND Visual Aid which may help with your preparations for and during your visit.

Kids have the possibility of being whomever they like, and build their confidence by trying new things. Under franchise rules, KidZania London can only accommodate children up to the chronological age of 14. Objectively viewed, there are safety implications affecting all children on site in extending the age range (and gap) even further.

Carer Tickets

Complimentary carer tickets are available to collect on the day of your visit. These can be obtained from our ticket kiosk outside the main entrance to KidZania. Please note that documentation will be requested in order to claim your complimentary carer ticket.

Accepted forms of ID documentation can either be:
• Proof Of DLA (Disabled Living Allowance)
• A Blue Badge or Freedom Pass
• Signed letter from a doctor or GP (Photo ID required)

Awareness Wristbands

At KidZania we appreciate that not all disabilities are visible. Awareness wristbands are available for visitors and their respective carers which allows staff to easily identify where extra assistance and care may be required. Carers wearing an  Awareness Wristband will be granted access into our establishments to provide assitance when required. These can be requested when you check-in for your visit.

Hearing Impairment

All activities are equipped with a ‘Help Hearing Guide’ - a read-a-long guide for visitors with hearing impairments. Please inform the member of staff at each activity if you require a guide.                                                                                            

Visual Impairment

Service Animals (Registered Guide Dogs, Hearing Dogs and Medical Alert Dogs) are welcome around KidZania, however due to health and safety reasons there are select activities where they will not be permitted.                                                                                                                         

Accessible Parking

Westfield London offers a selection of accessible parking. Blue Badge holders will be permitted four hours free parking Monday to Friday. To qualify for this you must provide a Blue Badge and parking ticket to a Westfield staff member at the Shopmobility desk. Click here for more information.

Getting Around

KidZania is entirely accessible to wheelchair users. There are lifts available for access into KidZania and within the City to access the mezzanine level. There are several accessible toilets, a variety of rest areas and all food and retail outlets are wheelchair friendly.


Please click here to download our Accessibility and Inclusion Guide for further information. 

Children of all abilities are welcome in our activities with their carer if they wish to help. If a child would like to try activities that might be particularly fitting depending on their needs, here are some suggestions:

Looking for an activity that is very sensory based?

In the Recycling Centre upstairs, your child can make some recycled paper and keep a sheet of it! They can head to Mission Deli to use handmade dough and turn it into delicious wraps! You can ask in the Painting School about painting with  fingers, or they can head over to the Shopping Alley if they would like to get their face painted.

Eager to get creative?

Children can have a go at our Pokemon Animation Studio, study in the Painting School or the Acting Academy, work for the AlJazeera TV Studio or make a greeting card in the Shopping Alley

Need some quiet time?

Children can enjoy some quiet in our Dorsett Hotel by becoming a receptionist or a housekeeper.  If your child would like to be part of the Emergency Services or any other activity but doesn’t like loud noises, enquire about ear defenders with one of our First Aiders.

For Activity Restrictions and any Allergy Notifications please click here to download the information.