Learn With KidZania?

Learn With KidZania

Educational Value

KidZania offers 75,000 square metres of learning and fun to bring your curriculum to life in a purpose-built City, designed exclusively for children. KidZania’s educational offering is ideally suited to pupils aged between 4 to 14 years, where they are in charge of their own aspirations and their own learning journey.






KidZania is all about ‘learning by doing’ and represents experiential learning at its very best. Every activity has been developed and supported by qualified teachers and can be approximately cross-referenced to the National Curriculum. That’s not all – the learning extends beyond the school curriculum and pupils will be able to develop a wide range of essential skills and attributes including: team work, communication, entrepreneurship, digital literacy, emotional intelligence and global citizenship.

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Our cross-curricular emotional experience will challenge and inspire pupils from EYFS to KS3. It is our aim to create a memorable visit relevant to your curriculum. Through curriculum-based role play activities, pupils will instantly grasp that learning is tangible and its outcomes have a purpose and a reality.

There are 60 different real-life activities for your pupils to try and experience. From piloting a British Airways jet to presenting a Capital Radio show. Find out about all 60 activities here, or see our examples of how they link to National Curriculum learning objectives below.

Every activity has been developed and supported by qualified teachers and can be cross referenced to the national curriculum. Pupils will be able to develop a wide range of skills and knowledge through taking part in activities that:

  • Unleash aspiration
  • Ignite curiosity and imagination
  • Encourage agilityadaptability and entrepreneurialism
  • Boost collaboration and communication
  • Inspire critical thinking and problem solving
  • Foster creativityinitiative and environmental awareness
  • Build resilience

We’ve made it simple for teachers to create an all-round experience for their pupils. Our free pre and post visit resources will extend the learning from classroom, to KidZania and back again and our range of helpful resources, from risk assessments to free planning tickets, will give you the information you need to get a trip approved.

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